Color Of Law

Color Of Law

1. What strategies did realtors use to blockbuster?

2. What is the difference between buying a house with a conventional mortgage and buying through an installment plan or contract?

3. What evidence was used to support the claim “that integration undermined property values”?

4. According to Rothstein, why should the IRS withhold tax exemptions from universities and churches?

5. What is ironic about churches and universities supporting restrictive covenants?

6. Why does reverse redlining and subprime loans hurt the African American community?

7. How was the Agua Caliente housing development blocked?

8. How did the white residents of Black Jack stop the development of a racially integrated complex?

9. How did the construction of I-95 in Miami affect the African- American community?

10. How did the whites respond when Wilbur Gary moved into Rollingwood in 1952?

11. How did the white neighbors respond when Bill and Daisy Myers bought a Levittown house in Bucks County?

12. How did the whites and police respond to Harvey Clark living in Cicero?

13. How did the Boilermakers treat union members differently?

14. In 2015, why did NYC’s sheet metal union pay out thirteen million in compensation

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