Security Trends And Legal Issues

Security Trends And Legal Issues

Final Project

For the final project, write a paper exploring themes at the intersection of technology and policy. Select one of the following topics:

•  Methods for reducing the level of international cybercrime

•  Coping with the fragility of and lack of security on the Internet

•  Establishing norms of national behavior in cyberspace, in peace and conflict

•  Developing national legal support for norms

•  The role and importance of declaratory national policies for cyberspace

•  Creation of international risk mitigation frameworks

•  Development of strategies that encourage international agreements

•  Assess the risk of catastrophic attacks on national infrastructure.

•  Should cyberspace be treated as a potential battlefield?

•  Explore the impact of commercial cyber-espionage on advanced economies.

•  Contrast European and American approaches to privacy on the Internet.

•  Explore freedom of expression via the Internet within autocratic regimes.

•  Must freedom of speech and association in cyberspace be sacrificed for cybersecurity?


Prepare an 8 – 10 paged paper that fully discusses the policies, events and technology for your selected topic using the brainstorming and analysis methodology. You should use current events, laws/regulations, technology and methods to support your opinion in your paper. You must include at least 5 reference resources. You should include a title page, table of contents, and reference page. Format your paper consistent with APA

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