Current Issues in Counseling Essay

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Current Issues Journal The student will research and discuss, the following current issues in counseling: A. Distance Counseling B. Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.…) (both personal and professional use) C. Multicultural Competence (having the attitude and ability to work fairly/ethically with all people) Directions: The student will discuss 3 current counseling issues in their Journal by responding to pre-set questions. The student will utilize a minimum of 4 sources. Sources could be: scholarly journals, books, ethical codes, and appropriate websites. The directions to complete this assignment can be found in Journal post. The instructor will evaluate the student’s performance on the assignment by completing the rubric on. Pre-set Questions: 1. Describe each of the current issues (listed from above) in the counseling profession today by addressing each point below. ➢ Define each issue.

Discuss the relevant ACA or NBCC Code of Ethics standards concerning the counselor’s role and responsibility with each issue. ➢ Discuss how are they utilized in the profession. ➢ Discuss one pro and one con for each issue for both the counselor and client. ➢ Discuss your personal and professional view of these issues in terms of how they are utilized with clients. 2. Research and describe one potential distance-based license/credential that a professional counselor may obtain; discuss what the license/credential allows the counselor to do and the requirements to obtain it. 3. Describe and discuss at least two ethically and culturally relevant strategies that the counselor may employ to create and maintain successful relationships with potential clients, for both in-person and technology-assisted.

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