disease of the human body in laymens terms as though you caught it while on vacation

Question: Describe a disease of the human body in laymen’s terms as though you caught it while on vacation. It must be a condition in which a EUKARYOTE is causing the disease. State the disease/condition that you have, where you were when you caught it (country or place), how it specifically affects you, how you likely caught it (source of ingesting or taking in the organism), and how you are being treated (either limiting or neutralizing the effects). The story can be completely fictional (Not real!) but the facts that you base your condition on should be facts.

In the initial post (100 word minimum), you must support your information with at least one appropriate URL. You are expected to respond to a minimum of one other student (50 word minimum). The discussion questions are worth a total of 15 points each.

Please limit the use of quotes. Quotes can support your answer but they cannot be your answer. Make your post simple and easy to understand. Pretend you are trying to explain your condition to a friend over the phone. You wouldn’t use scientific terminology; you would put it into everyday language.

Please type in the Subject line your organism and disease. This will make it easier for other students not to repeat posts. Once an example has been used for this discussion board it cannot be repeated for points.

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