1.(Article 1. 1) The authors point to in the various key ideas that promnent economists (like Gregory Mankiw) consider to be important in economic  theorizing. Of the assumptions they list, which ones seem most reasonable and  unreasonable to you? Which objections do you think succeed and which do not?

2.(Article 1. 5) According to neoclassical theory, how do markets deliver efficient  results if all ” barriers to exchange are removed? In what sense are these results  efficient ?

(Article 1. 5) How is the word ” freedom defined by neoclassical economists? What freedoms do they argue workers lose under regulated labor markets? How  does this compare to your view of what kinds of freedoms are valuable?

(Article 1. 5) Does the unfettered operation of the market mechanism deliver  equity to society? In your view, what would fair labor-market processes or out- comes look like?

  • (5. 2) In what ways do these articles show that corporations control the marketplace of ideas What are the possible consequences? What, anything, should be done about it?

4.Article 5. 3) What are some examples of industries with enough market concentration to count as” monopolized What are the causes of market concentration in different industries? What are some of the negative consequences of market  concentration?


175 words more each question

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