Elementary Organic and Biochemistry Lab Report School

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Yo will need to download the bio-rad software to do the assignment.


Data can be found here: Gel Image.scn

Results should include:

Annotated gel figure with description (4 points)

  • Each lane numbered
  • Lanes containing the standard ladder labeled

Choose two lanes and calculate the molecular weight of each band in those lanes (empty lanes and standard lanes do not count). Report the MW of the bands in a table format. Indicate lane by its numbering in the gel figure. (4 points)

Discussion Points (3 points each):

1. Describe the spatial separation of differently sized proteins in SDS-PAGE. How does this compare to size exclusion chromatography?

2. Would this gel’s banding patterns be the same if SDS was not used? Why or why not?

3. How can looking at the standards test your claims in questions 1 and 2?

4. Discuss one challenge you faced in using the gel analysis software.

*For all discussion points, use the data to support your conclusions. One-sentence answers will not be considered discussions and will not receive full credit.*


Here the tutorial link for image lab

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