“Identify and evaluate the social media/digital marketing strategy used by your company(Kylie Cosmetics).” Kylie cosmetics is owned by Kylie Jenner.

The following are the guidelines:For each presentation, please give a breif introduction only to your chosen company.

Integrate theory and critical analysis skills through practical examples of your chosen company (product/service).Creativity is encouraged – please include some form of class interaction in your presentation. Please make sure that your presentation is MARKET/COUNTRY specific. For companies, with a wide product mix (i.e. numerous different types of products/product categories, you can choose to make your presentation specific to one product category/product line).

Below provides an OVERVIEW ONLY of key concepts/areas that should be addressed in each presentation. Your presentation should not necessarily be limited to the information below. You are expected to review the lecture notes, text book and relevant journal articles to your allocated week’s topic. Please use some pictures and provide references if you are using content from internet. Thank you.

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