excess alcohol consumption

excess alcohol consumption

Q1:This is from Chapter 13/Critical Thinking:

Gary suffers from alcoholism and pays no attention to his diet. In addition to the detrimental effects on the liver, excess alcohol consumption can cause deficiencies in certain B vitamins.

Explain why this problem can occur.  Do you have any suggestions how Gary could improve his health?


After reading the chapter on trace minerals and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Position on Vegetarian Diets, which nutrients do you think vegans might lack in their diets and what recommendations would you make to compensate for these deficiencies? Do you feel that being a vegan is a healthy lifestyle choice? Why or why not? Remember that vegans eat only plant based foods, no animal and dairy

Do you consider yourself or have you thought about becoming a pescatarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pollotarian, flexitarian, or vegan? Why of why not?  (if you don’t know the meanings, google them)

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