Field  work trip

Field  work trip

The assignment this week will require you to take a field trip to two (2) separate grocery stores. One (1) should be a standard, well-known chain that you regularly shop, think Raley’s/Belair, Safeway, SaveMart, WinCo, Walmart.

Store 2 should be either Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Sprouts, whichever you again, frequently shop.

You will be doing a walk through of the entire store and all departments, taking pictures of lighting fixtures, and the areas they light. Be sure to look for types of lighting sources, where and how they are located/mounted. i.e., overhead, suspended, shelving, deli case, restrooms, check-out etc. Is the light source effective? Are you noticing the light for the first time? Are there any standout differences between the grocery supermarket chains and the more Natural food chains?

Create a Powerpoint/slide deck with side by side comparisons of the same department in the different stores. Make a side by side slide comparison of say, broccoli at one store and next to it from the other store. Which store has the more desirable looking broccoli? Which stores lighting creates the most mouth-watering cakes display and why? Compare apples to apples so we can see the difference. Include aisle ways, deli compartment lighting/salad bar etc.

Identify the lamp temperatures used to create warm and cool lit areas. If you are able, identify the light type/source. Which areas are noticeably warm or cool? Are you more attracted to one area or another? Do you notice warm and cool lighting differences throughout the store? How do you notice?

Required areas

natural foods section of standard store
produce section
frozen food section
health & beauty
pet food
If you have other areas you want to include, please do. Be certain to label each photo and provide notes from questions above.

Try and visit the stores at approximately the same time of day of night, so the daylighting (window) is comparable.

Does the light source used meet the color rendering objective of maintaining minimal changes to color appearance? In other words do the items look as close to what you expect them to look like or is the natural color of the item altered?


Last note, eat before you field trip. Maybe do your weekly shopping while you do your homework. Have fun!

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