1. Centering cost of living increase as one major pressure on consumers how do you relate premiumization with this pressure into buying behavior for FMCG? Which strategies would help companies in quality, differentiation and pricing


  1. What are the components of Retailer (Customer) Economic Model? Please explain how they are measured.


  1. What are key differences between Discounter and Health & Beauty (Perfumeries) Economic Model?


  1. Give an example of ‘Redefining the Brand’ example from any industry and market. Please elaborate why the brand needed it and how they did it.


  1. What is the difference between Indifference Price Point and Optimal Price Point? How do you define Acceptable Price Point?


  1. What is the difference between Market Average Price Index (MPI) and Competitor Price Index?(CPI) In which market situation it is more ideal to prefer CPI?



  1. What are the 7 Assets of eCommerce? Give an example optimized product name.


  1. In a town called ‘Koc Town’ there are 120 households. There are 3 retailer brands in the town. Out of them 120 households, 110 shop at least once from any of the retailer brands. Average frequency of households is 4,7 times a year. Average basket spent(per year) per household is 51,7 €. What is the average basket per shopping? What is the total size of the market?





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