Generations in The United States Discussion

1. Watch the video clips.
2. You will select one set of questions (either on identity or on generation) and reflect on. Post your response in the discussion.

question 1 Identity : Why do people identify with subsets of American society? If you self identify with a subset, what is it and why? Among your Black/African American family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances which term seems to be the preferred term. What’s the difference between Black and African American?

question 2 Generation : What is Buzzfeed’s approach to defining each generation in the United States? How do you think the African-American history we’re currently studying will influence these generations? What is a historical generation? Which of the following generations (Silent Generation, Baby-Boomers, Generation X, or Millennials) do you identify as? For a quick definition of the generations go to the following websites The Six Living Generations (Links to an external site.) or Here Is When Each Generation Begins and Ends (Links to an external site.).

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