Genetic and Environmental Specificity Article

Can you read this article and answer these question? Each answer should be 3-5 sentences.

1- As discussed in the “Genetic and Environmental Specificity” section, what could explain the fact that shared environmental influences do not have as much of an effect on the outcome as do non-shared environmental influences?

2- Were there any limitations in conducting this study? What were they? In your opinion, how could they have prevented those limitations?

3- Compare the experimental results and the expected results. What did the results of this study indicate?

4- By looking solely at figure 1, what can we conclude about the difference between males and females? How is this figure useful in understanding these differences?

5- In the present study, what are the researchers focusing on to specifically understand?


6- We know that this experiment consisted of two questionnaire booklets, assessing several components and given to the participants to fill out. What are some pros and cons that go along with completing an experiment this way? Explain your answer.

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