Genetically Modified Organisms and PCR Questions

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  • Identify the independent variable and dependent variable in this experiment. (2 points)
  • Choose a food of interest and write an acting hypothesis for this experiment. (2 points)
    • This hypothesis should include the predicted cause and effect (the if ___, then _____) as well as the reason for that prediction (because ________). A hypothesis can be multiple sentences and does not need to follow the “if-then-because” format so long as it communicates the necessary information. See tips on hypothesis writing here: Hypothesis-Writing Resources.docx
  • Annotated gel figure with description (4 points)
    • Label each lane with its contents. Each of these should be depicted in a lane:
      • standard ladder
      • positive GMO control
      • negative GMO control
      • positive Plant control
      • negative Plant control
      • your prediction for the experimental food with GMO primer and with Plant primer

Discussion Points (3 points each):

    1. Explain the purpose of the standard ladder in gel electrophoresis.
    2. Explain the purpose of positive and negative controls. Why do we use both?
    3. Why would we use two different primers in this experiment? Can we trust a result from a test using only one sample amplified with the GMO primers (as opposed to two samples, one amplified with GMO primers and one amplified with Plant primers)?
    4. This experiment is extremely similar to COVID-19 PCR tests. What is the difference between this GMO PCR test and the COVID-19 PCR test? (Cite outside sources if needed)

*For all discussion points, use the data to support your conclusions. One-sentence answers will not be considered a discussion and will not receive full credit.*

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