Presence of Arsenic in Montezuma Well Essay

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Canned Research Project – Arsenic Project – abstract (150 =/+ words), results, discussion, and conclusion (700 =/+ words, excluding data & text in tables, figures, titles, and captions)

Write a non-full lab report based on the provided canned research project. Posted are the 3 documents: (1) a PDF, filename: “Arsenic Project;” (2) an Excel spreadsheet, filename: “Arsenic Data” and (3) my draft document filename “84” with comments in BLUE

The final report will include the following sections: abstract, results, discussion, and conclusion. Write the report as if submitting it to a peer-reviewed journal following the iterative style.

1. References: Support the discussion (interpretation of the results) with scientific literature references. The canned research project provides five (5) references. When writing your R & D, use a minimum of three (3) references in writing this non-full report; one of these three must be a reference you found in this Project pdf; the other two I have provided in the attachment (Johnson2012 & ZK article).

2. Audience: Write the report for a scientific audience (e.g., readers knowledgeable in a specific area of science).

3. Results & Discussion: (1) write these in the iterative style, (2) the results in an appropriate format (text and at least one graphic, e.g., a table or a figure but no more than three graphics), (3) align left paragraph spacing.

4. Conclusion: This should be a separate section. 5. Abstract: (1) justify paragraph spacing, (2) write this section last

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