health care system

health care system

This is your first discussion.  Please follow the syllabus and rubric showing initial post and two responses are needed . Each posting should be substantive to make a total of  5 points.  All posting should be written in or pasted on the discussion board. Only references may be attached and you need to adhere to the APA format throughout.

Initial post and  response to peers should be completed in a timely  fashion

Discussion Question #1:

Using all of the foundational readings and your understanding of the structure of our health care system and the place of nurses and nurse practitioners  in it,

Readings: Mason et. al. Chap 16, 17, 18, 23


Complete Discussion Question


Be able to synthesize the forces in the U.S. Healthcare system that shape healthcare policies.

Identify and briefly discuss one sociopolitical issue that is currently impacting health and / or health care in America. Identify at least two forces that you believe nurses and nurse practitioners can use to influence health policy for the identified issue and defend your use of those forces. Use evidence based information to support your responses.


Look at the news, CNN, and social media to identify issues as there are tons of issues that are evolving on a daily basis.


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