Health Information Discussion

Chapter 3 Overview

Findings from the study conducted (discussed in this chapter) suggested that:

  • Higher educated women tended to use print health or news media, broadcast media, health policy organizations and organized events 2.0 to 2.4 times more than less educated women (high school education or less) – these findings were, however, not statistically significant
  • Compared to unemployed women, working females had greater odds (1.2 – 2.4) of accessing health information via the Internet and other computing resources
  • Both groups primarily used print & news media, broadcast media and computer-based resources as an order of overall resource preference

Chapter 4 Overview

  • It’s important to increase awareness of the organization to re-conceptualize its business and services processes, as well as the need to adopt a new corporate culture of data sharing
  • Requires the cooperating organizations to be involved in the ongoing development of standards
  • Applications of the HMIS enterprise software will, sooner or later, allow the individual organizations to go beyond their limitations

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