Hospital informatics

 Hospital informatics

Identify a hospital where you work, have completed clinical rotations, or support your local community. Go to a website (options are listed below, but the list is certainly not all-inclusive) and compare the outcomes measures of that hospital with two other hospitals (can be local, regional, or national). Choose these Hospitals: Sentara Norfolk General, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, and Sentara Obici

Build a chart or table that compares the data at the three facilities on each of the following four measures:

  1. Surgical      care improvement / surgical infection prevention (pick a sub-section that      interests you)
  2. HCAHPS      (patient satisfaction)
  3. Pneumonia
  4. ED      wait times

Summarize the findings of the charts in a narrative. Why is benchmarking done? What did you learn? Develop a plan for improvement in one area where a hospital is below the state and / or national average. The submission should include a 3–4-page narrative and the charts in an appendix.

This assignment should be submitted using APA 7th format including a title and reference page.

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