How bias influence DNA profiling

Your answers to EACH of the three questions must be between 150-250 words (for a total of 450-750 words). This means question 1 should be at least 150 words, question 2 should be at least 150 words, etc. Writing 200 words for question 1 and only 100 words for question 2 is not acceptable. Failure to meet the minimum word count for any of the three questions will result in a lower score.

Yes, you need to cite your sources (including the assigned material) using APA version 7 citation format. Failure to cite all sources will result in a lower score and plagiarism will result in an academic complaint. You will not be allowed to re-submit a post in which you have plagiarized.

You must write complete sentences. No bullet points allowed.

Responses must be written in your own words. No quotes allowed.

efficacy of forensics


Answer the following questions:

1a. We’ve discussed how the ‘human factor’ can impact the efficacy of forensics. These human factors are especially influential in subjective forensics (i.e. footwear, tool-mark, fingerprint, etc.). Now let’s talk about more objective forensic evidence. Watch ‘ Exploring bias in forensic DNA profiling (Links to an external site.) Shape, arrow Description automatically generated‘. How can bias influence DNA profiling?

1b. What can we do to mitigate bias and can we ever really completely eliminate bias?


2a. Before you started your degree in criminal justice (or took your first criminal justice class), did you have any misconceptions the CJ system?

2b. If so, where did these misconceptions come from?

2c. Read ‘ The ‘CSI Effect’: Does It Really Exist?


Preview the document‘. After reading the responses from the survey, identify at least one pro and at least one con of the CSI effect.

2d. After reading the article, do you think the CSI effect is a major concern for our legal system?

2e. Why or why not?


3a. Some suggest populating forensic databases, particularly DNA databases, with the entire population (either of the nation or world-wide) would increase the effectiveness of the database. Read ‘ DNA Sample Collection from Arrestees (Links to an external site.) ‘ and explain some of the logistical challenges. Read ‘ Forensic databases: benefits and ethical and social costs


Preview the document‘ (note: I am aware this is a UK article but some issues are universal) and explain some of the social and ethical challenges.

3b. Based on the challenges, do you think it is worth adding the entire population to a forensic database?

3c. Why or why not?

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