Must answer questions a,b,c,d,e, and f

a. Describe United States society as it relates to the case (ex. economic, cultural norms, politics, or international issues) at the time of the ruling

b. Discuss the conflict which led to the case itself including describing individuals involved or the law that prompted the constitutional dispute.

c. Describe the route the case took through the court system including lower court decisions Supreme Court

d. Discuss the oral arguments of each side including the constitutional issues being debated before the court by both sides.

e. Describe the Supreme Courts’ opinion, majority ruling. Explain what their reasoning was as it applies to the meaning of the Constitution.

f. Conclude with what impact and long-term significance the court’s ruling had on American society at the time of the ruling, now, and in the future. Provide specific examples in the area of politics, law, cultural norms, etc.

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