Idealized Design of the Health Care System Research Paper

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Mess Formulation – Black and Latino communities across the United States are faced with a set of interacting health care disparities and health equity issues, which form a health system of problems that are known as a mess. This health care system mess is the future it is now in. In other words, the implied future is based on the current Health Care System’s plans, policies, programs, and expected changes in its environment. The aim of this phase of Interactive Planning is to determine how the health care system would eventually destroy itself if it were to continue behaving as it is currently; that is, if the system failed to adapt to a changing environment, even one that is perfectly predicted.

Formulating the current state or mess involves the preparation of:

System and Obstruction Analyses – A detailed description of how the health care system CURRENTLY operates for Blacks and Latinos, and identification of those characteristics and properties of Systemic Racism that obstruct the Health Care System’s progress. NOTE: If you do NOT believe Systemic Racism is a major cause of health disparities and health equity issues among Black and Latino communities, then identify those aspects that obstruct the Health Care System’s progress in addressing health disparities and health equity issues in these communities.

Reference Projections and Scenarios of Possible Futures – Projections of aspects of the Health Care System’s future assuming (1) no change in the System’s current plans, policies, programs, etc. and (2) the future environment that it currently expects, along with a description of how and why the Health Care System would destroy itself if the assumptions made were to come true.

The following is a set of questions for you to consider answering in order to write the sections of your final project report. These questions are for you to explore your thinking on the project by considering different aspects of the project. Not all questions may apply to your approach.


As a member of the Nationwide Task Team to reduce/eliminate [Dissolve] health disparities and address health equity issues among Black and Latino communities, your focus now is to create the Idealized Design of the Health Care System to dissolve these issues.

Ideal Solution

Stakeholders opinion of solution

1. Mission Statement

2. Who do we blame?

3. How do we convince this is the right way

***measure 11,12



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