Importance of capital budgeting

Importance of capital budgeting in an organization

You are required to write a report :

The Importance of getting in an organizationcapital budgeting

You report should be structured as follow:

1. Cover page (this includes: Department name, title of the report, name of the module, your name and ID, date of submission).

2. Table of content (headings and subheadings with page number).

3. Introduction (introducing the topic).

4. Discussion (this is your main part of the report which discusses the issues listed above. Make sure to reference your work i.e. write your source of information and date for example (Grada, 2019).

5. Conclusion (in this section, based on your discussion, you need to write your findings).

7. References (in this part you need to write the complete reference of the sources you used in your report. For further information of how to reference your work use the following link: 

8. Appendixes (if any) use this part if you have any further information that supports your discussion.

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It should be between 1000 to 1200 words (excluding table of contents, references and appendixes) addressing the following issues

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