important in nursing

Evidence-based practice in important in nursing

week5 discussion 2

Evidence-based practice is extremely important in nursing. Throughout your master’s program, you will complete research on various topics. Knowing how to construct a strong problem statement and complete a critical analysis of the available information to write a literature review is essential. This week, you will write a problem statement and perform a literature review in preparation for your ethical issues debate presentation. ( Pro (Support) for Legalized Medical Cannabis Nationally)

Share your problem statement in this discussion so that you can review each other’s work and provide peer-to-peer feedback. Also, describe what you think are the most important learning takeaways from the literature review resources you reviewed.

Follow the instructions in the bullets below to direct you where to find resources on problem statements and literature reviews:

· Go to the Student Resources page.

· Click on Writing Resources.

· Click on Research and Writing.

· Click on Writing Strategies.

· Then view:

· Writing a Problem Statement

· What is a Literature Review

· Conducting a Literature Review

Compose at least 2-3 paragraphs all in APA format with proper references

use links provided with account info below[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Did_html-cover-page]!/4/4[pcover]/2%4049:2


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