Math Autobiography

Math Autobiography Assignment Instructions


As we all know, some people enjoy mathematics while other cringe at the thought of it.  Many of these feelings were developed from one of your mathematics teachers. Whether you enjoy mathematics or not, your students will look to you for mathematical knowledge and mathematical confidence.  For this assignment, reflect upon your past mathematics education.  How did it affect you, in your subsequent math classes, in other content areas, and your confidence in your own learning abilities?


Write a mathematics autobiography by describing your past study of mathematics and your success or failure in the subject. Discuss your feelings about mathematics at the elementary level and at the higher levels. Identify any experiences, whether positive or negative, or mentors you have had in learning mathematics.

Your paper must be 2–3 pages and written in current APA format. Writing in first person is acceptable for this assignment. Cite your references if you used any for this assignment.


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