Me Too Movement Affect Attitude & Behavior of Male Research Design

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Construct a brief research design. Come up with a research question regarding a social phenomenon that you are interested in. Identify your independent and dependent variables, control variables, data/methods, and sample. Be specific- how are you going to measure your variables? Why are you choosing those controls? How are you going to collect the data? Explain what influenced your design- Why did you choose a particular method over the others? How did you decide on a sample? How many people will be included in the sample, etc? This a hypothetical research design, meaning you won’t have to do it, but it should still be plausible.

Which perspective is your research design using (structural functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interaction)? Explain. If your research design doesn’t fit into a perspective perfectly you can explain how it fits and how it doesn’t. If it can work with multiple perspectives you can choose one to focus on in detail or elaborate on how it could work with more than one.

Please make sure to go beyond one-word answers and show us what you know. For example, “Method: survey, Perspective: conflict” does not show an understanding of the concepts.

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