Medicaid Work Requirements Cant Be Fixed Research Chart

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  • Go to an online search engine and research the assigned topic (e.g., research Topic 1 in week 5). Note that you have flexibility in researching each topic. You can pick and choose what potential search terms you use. Different research terms will take you down different research paths. You should view this activity as a way to explore the assigned topic in a way that is meaningful and interesting to you.
  • The topic you’re working on is “What is Medicaid work requirement?
  • As part of your research efforts, you should assess the credibility of each source. (MLA format)
  • Select three credible sources and complete a summary table for each source. (summary table outline is attached below)
  • Note: You should not repeatedly use the same source or type of source (e.g., government web site). Rather you should utilize MULTIPLE sources. Additionally, dictionaries, although credible, should not be used as sources for this activity.
  • Note: please follow the guide I’ve attached below to correctly search for sources.

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