Week 7 Questions to Answer

Week 7 Questions to Answer

1.     What are some of the types of family dynamics that may predispose a person to antisocial personality disorder?

2.     Describe the similarities and differences between narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.

3.     What are some adult manifestations of childhood sexual abuse? (evidence that an adult was sexually abused as a child)

4.     What is the most common reason that women give for staying in an abusive relationship?

5.     Describe the phenomenon of bereavement overload.

6.     What type of maladaptive response to loss occurs when an individual becomes fixed in the anger stage of grief? What clinical disorder is associated with this occurrence?

7.     Name some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

8.     Name some positive and negative aspects associated with the military lifestyle.

9.     According to Erikson, what happens when the adolescent does not master the tasks of identity versus role confusion?

10.  As described by Freud, which part of the personality is developed as the child internalizes the values and morals set forth by primary caregivers?

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