National Health Care Issues

To begin, discuss the various national health care issues currently affecting the industry and select one that you want to focus on for the remaining three Learning Team assignments (Wk3, Wk4 & Wk6) in this course. You CANNOT choose Diabetes or Obesity or other diseases as a national issue because we already gave that as our video example in week 2’s individual diagram assignment (in the directions).

Use systems thinking and begin to draft a diagram that maps the complexities of the health care issue and the many variables that influence it. This assignment is a DIAGRAM, not a paragraph or paper. Paragraphs or papers will not be graded or read. Your diagram must speak for itself and explain everything. Do not abbreviate – spell everything out.

Title: Include a title that let’s viewers know what your diagram is trying to capture.

Click the Add Content button below to insert your assignment. When you are ready to turn the diagram in, click the Submit button. For additional help, check out the ULTRA: Access your assignments page.

Due Dates for all team assignments every week are Fridays (end of day). You can submit up to 4 days late past the Friday due date for 10% off. Once assignments are graded there are no regrades. This is a master level course. Do not ask to “re-do” an assignment.

Grading will be similar to Wk 2’s individual diagram (but your team must choose an appropriate national issue topic)

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