nursing roles

Professional responsibilities of nursing roles

Locate, interview, and shadow a community/public health nurse for 45 hours to identify his or her professional responsibilities, nursing roles, and understand the needs of the population of patients/families that they serve in the community. —–For example, you might choose a Public Health Nurse from a County Health Department, a Parish Nurse, a School Nurse, a Hospice Nurse, or other nurses working in a community health setting— *** I shadowed a Public Health Nurse from a Community Health Department***


Submit at least a 3-6-page report, title page, and references in APA format, summarizing my findings and addressing the following:
To what degree does the nurse provide care to individuals, families or groups? What is a typical patient population and caseload for
this nurse?
How does the nurse use data about the public, public health or community aggregates target and plan for their nursing care?
What current research findings does the nurse use to strengthen evidence-based practice?
What current research findings does the nurse use to strengthen evidence-based practice?


***APA Format***
Helpful Hint: Use the above “Requirements” as your headings within your paper (shortened of course)
For this practicum, I shadowed a Public health nurse. Some things that I had to opportunity to learn/do was:
* Developed Careplans that were specific to each student’s needs *Completed medication administration forms for kindergarden to high school kids.
* I had the opportunity to work in the school clinic and experience that process.
* Work with the community health nurse to provide education and care to members of the community who came into the health department (a lot of patient education).
* Review and discuss Community wellness plan using the tools of public health and community health nursing based on community health assessment
*Work with community members and other members of the healthcare team in promoting wellness to an at risk population aggregate in the community (lots of patient teaching)
* Use critical thinking in the process of making decisions regarding community healthcare
* Engage patients in active partnerships that promote health and safety and well being and self care management.
*Participated in community leading with members in the community to discuss community needs
* Had the opportunity to shadow Epidemiologist nurse

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