pandemic impacts

pandemic impacts

What Concepts will Thrive? – Discussion

The restaurant industry continues to suffer due to the pandemic/post-pandemic impact.  Many restaurants/food service operations have had to pivot and adjust their traditional operations to meet the local, state, and federal rules in order to stay open or conduct some type of modified operation.  From concerns that there were too many restaurants a couple of years ago to now very dire predictions of how many operations (single to multi-location chains) will close permanently – the US restaurant industry is fighting to survive.


Your group discussion will address this current situation.

You will post a summary that addresses the current concerns and possible directions for restaurants as they exit the pandemic. What type of restaurants will flourish?  What type of services will they offer?  Will experiences still be important?


You should make at least 2 specific points about current or potential impacts on restaurants.  For example, this article has 4 points.  Rise of Online Ordering, Transparency of food/ingredients, Wellness/functional foods, Employee Turnover. 2020 Restaurant Industry Trends: Shaping the Future of Food     (Links to an external site.)

Identify your two points.  Provide detail in paragraph form and cite at least one reference (current article).

You will need to post within the first week so each of the group members can read each other’s posts.


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