Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure & Culture


In this Case Study, you will apply the Statesmanship model discussed in Module 1: Week 1 to a real, specific public administration context. In other words, choose an organization that is dealing with organizational change, design, and structure. Describe what happened in as much detail as necessary. Next, apply the statesmanship model discussed Module 1: Week 1 to this situation. The overarching idea of statesmanship is the call for moral character. In the context of this assignment, how can this model be applied to the situation at hand?

You will apply the Statesmanship model needed to deal with the organizational change discussed.

Remember to also discuss the importance of the following:

· Noncentralization

· Covenant

· Systems theory and environmental awareness

· Responsiveness to political forces and constituent management

· Effective crisis management and statecraft


· Case Study scenarios must be taken from documented (published) public administration contexts; no hypotheticals are allowed.

o Students can focus on one public administration organization or may refer to a particular situation (well-documented by the research) that public administrators faced during an actual event(s).

· All ideas shared by student should be supported with sound reason and citations from the required readings and presentations, and additional resources.

  • · Paper should be 4-5 double-spaced pages of content in length (this does not include title page or reference pages).
  • o Paper should be in current APA format.
  • o Headings should be included and must conform to the content categories listed (i.e., Noncentralization, Covenant, Systems theory, and environmental awareness, etc.).
  • · 5 additional scholarly sources must be used. They need to be scholarly and provide relevant public administration theory and practices.
  • · All required reading and presentations from the assigned reading must be cited.
  • · Integrate biblical principles within the analysis of the paper.
  • · Unacceptable sources (Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and websites).
  • · Acceptable sources (scholarly articles published within the last eight years).


Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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