Read Richard RiceReign of God(Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press, 1985)

I- Read chapter 3&4: Chapter 3 & 4 God’s Character/The Nature of the Reign of God and write an in-depth 250-word reaction to the reading; this is a summary of what you read. It will need to be written in double space. At the end of your summary, you will need to include 3 provocative questions (i.e., provocative questions you come up with triggered by your reading, they will not be answered or need to be answered).

  II-For this assignment make sure to answer each question thoroughly.  I am looking for well thought out answers so you can get full credit.  Please do not just copy and paste the answers from the book I want to see it in your own words. Answer these three questions in at least five sentences and give substantial answers

  1. How and why is our knowledge of God limited?
  2. Why is it difficult for people to believe in God?
  3. What evidence supports God’s Existence?
  4. What does this activity involve: Prophesy?
  5. What is the evidence for and against the idea that God somehow changes?


III- Read John 5-8 of The Holy Bible (NRSV-Study Bible) and answer the following questions:

-What are 1 or 2 things that surprised you from this reading?

– Was there something new that you didn’t know that seemed to be important in your reading?

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