organization’s appraisals/Performance appraisals

organization’s appraisals/Performance appraisals

1.  The method of training used can affect the behavior and cognitive learning of the audience; therefore, in meeting the needs of the audience, you must consider the various methods of how training is delivered (i.e., traditional vs. web-based). Of the traditional types of methods, which would you select for your organization? Why

2. Do you think performance appraisals still serve  a purpose in management efforts? How often does your organization conduct performance appraisals? Do you think your organization’s appraisals are beneficial to you and the company? How can they be improved?

3. Performance appraisals are used to identify deficiencies in employees’ on-the-job performance, which leads to recommended training and development; however, there are some legal issues or concerns that can develop if proper training is not provided. How does your organization document that employees have been provided proper training, have successfully completed the training, and are actively applying the learned material within their day-to-day duties and responsibilities?

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