Prevention of HIV and STIs

Prevention of HIV and STIs

For this Discussion Board (Worth 25 points), please think critically about the three questions below and then post a response to any TWO of them you choose. Then, wait for some feedback from your classmates and feel free to respond. Remember the key here is engaging in RESPECTFUL dialogue. You do not need to agree but remember to respond with kindness and try to imagine where your classmates with different opinions might be coming from. In order to get full credit, you must first post your response to 2 of the questions, and then also respond to at least 2 other posts of your classmates in the discussion board (three responses total).

Pick any two of the three questions listed below and provide your answer to both of them:

  1. In what ways has stigma impacted testing, diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention of HIV and STIs? Where do you think this stigma originates from and what can be done to help reduce stigma in sexual health programs?
  2. Why might is be important to consider the culture, context, and developmental period of the target audience when developing sexual health programming and marketing campaigns? How might you suggest folks working in the field of sexual health ensure that the interventions they develop are being informed by these considerations?
  3. With all of the biomedical advances we have seen in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention why have rates of new infections remained high (~40,000 new infections each year)? How might you recommend HIV prevention folks do a better job of ending the HIV epidemic in the US?

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