progress Self-monitoring

Student progress Self-monitoring Assessment Tool

Create a tool students will use to monitor their daily progress in your humanities unit. Use the “Sample Student Self Progress Monitoring Assessment Tool” template to successfully complete this assignment.

Part 1: Self-Progress Monitoring Assessment Tool

Include the following in the “Self-Progress Monitoring Assessment Tool”:

  • Questions that are aligned with the learning objectives, and correlate to the knowledge and skills for each day of the unit plan
  • Range of mastery for students to evaluate their level of attainment of the objective, knowledge, and skills (similar to the range in a rubric)
  • Summative question or writing prompt requiring students to express understanding and/or application of the day’s learning.

Part 2: Reflection

Include the following in your reflection:

  • Rationale for your design choice. Discuss how the tool will help students monitor their own progress.
  • Explanation of how the tool will be implemented and evaluated.
  • Discussion of the importance and purpose of students monitoring their own progress.
  • Explanation of how you would use progress monitoring to inform instruction in your future professional practice.


Add your reflection to the bottom of the “Self-Progress Monitoring Assessment Tool.”

In 150-250 words, reflect on progress monitoring and the tool you created.

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