Proper Handling Of Environmental Hazards

The purpose of this assignment is to raise the awareness of a specific employee in a specific health care setting regarding a potentially critical aspect of his/her responsibilities. Target the right issue, the correct employee. As an example, the Human Resource VP or Director and Stark Law issues. In other words, the employee should be either a head nurse or senior administrator, thus your discussion should be interviewing specific employees on their specific responsibilities and the specific consequences of failing in those responsibilities.

For example: The False Credentials paper issue would be for HR offices while the Critical Event might be for operating room technicians. Patient Treatment Consent might be a good paper for a Palliative Care Organization or an Oncology Clinic discharge planning staff. The paper must discuss accurate information for the setting with full consideration of the relevant state and federal laws, and include citations that are accessible by the instructor. The paper can ask questions and use graphics to deliver certain points of information, but the graphics must be an addendum to the paper and not in the body of the paper. The paper should include in its conclusion “For more information about this issue…” and include a reference or references in your Conclusion.

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)

Elder abuse Mandatory Reporting

Child abuse Mandatory Reporting

HIV Mandatory Reporting

The False Claims Act- the civil penalties

TB Mandatory Reporting

Proper treatment of environmental hazards.

Medical error-Critical Incident

False credentials of health care personnel

Medical Charting violation

Violation of HIPAA- confidentiality

Failure to treat patients in a timely manner

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