Public Health & Respiratory Diseases Weekly Discussion

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For your post,

  1. Select one Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) topic and describe how you would summarize the overview of this topic to your director. Does your description reflect any personal opinions or experiences or is it exactly as presented on the Healthy People 2020 website (Links to an external site.)?
  2. Select 3 related topics and conduct 3 related queries and the month and year of the last time the search peaked. Perform a search of the topic in Google with the date by visiting Google Trends (Links to an external site.) and typing in the topic of interest. For instance, for “oral health” search this topic. Please make sure to change the country to “United States” on the far left side. In the trends, look for times that the topic has been in high demand by hovering over the peak. In the example of “oral health,” March of 2012 was a time there was peak readership on this topic. From a Google search with “oral health” AND “March 2012.” I found that there was an article on oral health published by the American Journal of Public Health which piqued public interest.
  3. For each topic selected, give an example of how Google Trends can be useful in assessing outreach of a public health intervention for that topic.
  4. In general, how do you think using publicly-gathered information (through Google Trends) can aid in public health work?


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