Quality Management in Healthcare Paper

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You are newly hired as a quality director for a fictitious facility where you oversee a team of 10 people. The president of the health care facility wants you to form a COVID-19 taskforce to manage the rise of cases in staff as well as patients. Your predecessor had not been successful during his tenure.

Describe the healthcare facility and your team.

Are your team members appropriate in number and composition?

What are some of the challenges that the facility is facing as a result of COVID-19?

What methodology/tools/strategies do you plan on utilizing to address concerns and issues?

Were previous plans of action evaluated and measured for success?

Describe a tool that you are utilizing to measure the progress/success of your plan.

You are to utilize the principles, theories, and concepts we covered during the term in analyzing this observation. Please note any outliers from what you have read. Employ several different resources including government websites and peer-reviewed sources to support your statements and findings. minimum 6 references APA

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