Read the accompanying article and respond to the prompts below.

1. Evaluate the Results and Discussion  sections of the accompanying article and critique how the following  were addressed. Do not copy and paste from the article. Do not simply  respond Yes or No. Describe in your own words how the researchers demonstrated that these elements were addressed.

a) First, check the beginning of the article. What is the hypothesis and/or research question(s)?

b) Now, look at the Results section. Are the results of each of the hypothesis(es) and/or research questions presented? 

c) Discuss whether the results are presented objectively.

d) If tables or figures are used, do they meet the following standards?

* They supplement and economize the text

*They have precise titles and headings

*They are not repetitious of the text

e) Now  move to the Discussion section. Are the results interpreted in light of  the hypotheses, research questions, sampling, data collection,  instruments, and other steps that preceded the results?

f) How  does the researcher identify the study’s weaknesses (threats to  validity) and limitations? Are solutions proposed to address these  issues?

g) How does the researcher discuss the study’s clinical relevance and/or implications for nursing?

h) Is generalizability discussed? If so, do these generalizations fall within the scope of the findings?

i) Are any recommendations for future research stated or implied? If so, what are they?

2. Discuss whether the strength of the evidence supports a change in current practice. Support your conclusions.

3.  What  is your cosmic question? (This should be based on chapter of the week.  Pose a research question on the Results or Discussion section of a  research article.)

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