Security Risk Management

1200 words total, 3 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!!!

1. Discuss why risk management is an ongoing process.

2. Describe the strategic roles of the three communities of interest.

3. Create an inventory of information assets in your personal life. Then, using a weighted factor analysis worksheet, categorize the assets and classify each as to its sensitivity and importance to you. (Use what ever you want for this)

4. Explain how outsourcing is a sound approach to gaining capability outside of a company’s primary area of expertise.

5. Come up with a hypothetical scenario under which it would be appropriate to choose the acceptance strategy. Assign estimated values to assets and costs to other considered control strategies. Write a one paragraph summary of the scenario, describing why acceptance is the best choice strategy in this case.

For question 6 250 words total, 2 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!!!

6. Why do many organizations ban port scanning activities on their internal networks? Why would ISPs ban outbound port scanning by their customers?

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