Shreveport Electronic Health Records PPT

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develop a powerpoint presentation that outlines a plan for the development of an informatics system project. The powerpoint presentation should address the following components:

  • Describe the benefits and value of the proposed project and how it supports strategic initiatives or solves a problem.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of implementation of the proposed project.
  • Describe the culture of the organization where the project will be implemented,.
  • Describe associated costs including, but not limited to, ownership costs, software costs, training costs, and/or support costs of the project.
  • As professionals, do you recommend the proposed project and why? Include your rationale and provide other experts and stakeholders in this opinion.

The powerpoint must contain the following:

  • 15 – 20 slides, including a title slide and references
  • 5 pictures
  • Notes on a minimum of three slides
  • Verbal recording of presentation with voice-over powerpoint

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