Spelling: Consonant + le Syllables


pebble humble double gamble

trouble uncle needle fiddle

cuddle cradle jungle single

marble ramble tackle ankle

freckle buckle hustle tangle

A. Write the spelling word that matches each definition below.

  1. problem
  2. move quickly
  3. your father’s brother
  4. snuggle
  5. a little stone
  6. only one
  7. violin
  8. modest or not proud
  9. wander
  10. handle or solve

B. Write the spelling word that best completes each sentence.

  1. The monkeys swung on the vines through the
  2. The

helped to keep the backpack closed.

13. It was a

to go because it might not be fun.

  1. The baby-sitter placed the baby in his
  2. My foot is connected to my
  3. The house had a beautiful


  1. This
  2. I want to
  3. You have a
  4. Your hair will

has a very sharp point!

the amount of money I have.

– on your nose.
if you do not brush it often.

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148 Phonics/Spelling • Grade 4 • Unit 5 • Week 5

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