The IoT role in industry

The IoT role in industry


select an industry that you would like to work for and an IT role that you would like to assume in the future. (Senior Develops Engineer)

In your initial post:

  • State what industry that is and why you want to work as an IT professional in that industry.
  • State what IT role you’d like to be in, and why you can envision yourself in that role.
  • Describe 2 to 4 ethical or societal implications of the use of the IoT in that industry.
    • You are not required to answer these questions, but they may provide you with guidance on assessing potential implications:
      • Do you know whether the IoT is already implemented in that industry?
      • What kind of impact would the IoT have in that specific industry based on its users?
      • Based on what you already know, are any regulations, laws, or organizational policies already in place to address any of these implications?

Part 2


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