The Middle Ages Today Discussion

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This forum is strictly for postings for Stage 1 of “The Middle Ages Today” project. It does not count towards the regular weekly discussion forums. Several of you have gotten us off to a good start and I’ve made comments on the earliest postings, using them to highlight points to look for, and to suggest related issues that some of you might consider, especially if you’re not sure what topics to find.
1) You must make at least one posting by THURSDAY midnight, OCTOBER 8, and you must complete your two required postings by WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 (an extended deadline)
2) Each of the two required postings should be about two or three paragraphs long.
3) Each posting should include a link to a relevant website that connects the medieval past or the sacred scriptures with modern or current events involving relationships among these religious communities (Muslims, Christians, Jews), as described in the GUIDELINES and the samples provided. I cannot accept links to sites behind a paywall: if you can attach a PDF instead, do so (but web links are strongly preferred)
4) This is one “blueprint” for a postinga) briefly characterize the webpage, article, or site in a concise opening paragraph: what is the subject? what kind of site is it (news, religious, academic, political…)? what are the main points or arguments (in two or three concise, summary sentences)? b) use one or two paragraphs to analyze critically specific points that the author uses to relate medieval and modern times, paying close attention to how the author interprets the past in the light of modern interfaith relations, or uses the past to support political, religious, or cultural standpoints about modern interfaith relations.
5) You may do additional postings (up to a total of 4 postings, including any responses). I will take those into account in my assessment, but my assessment will be primarily based on your two strongest postings.


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