Thermal Death Problems

Please post your thermal death problems below. I recommend that you post two questions and answer one of your classmate’s for up to 3 bonus points. Only 1 answer per question will be awarded points There are nine practice problems attached to be used as examples and additional practice. * Thread answers under the question

First Practice Problem ( Thermal Death Practice Problems.docx )

1) A microbial broth was heated in a water bath @120 degrees Celsius. There were 6,000 CFU initially. If the broth is checked every 6 minutes and the rate of microbial death is 600 CFU per 6 minutes, at what point will the broth be totally free of living microbes?

  • Thermal death _________________? (point or time)
  • What is the variable?
  • What is the constant?
  • Starting inoculum?
  • Free of microbes at?

PAGE 1 and 3 in the attachement I supplied the answers in the uploaded files. She gave us the answers in class. I also attached the powerpoint picture that we have to use to determine whether its thermal point or time.

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