Tyler Shultz and Theranos

Topic:  Tyler Shultz and Theranos

Ethical Decision Making

Case Study Assignment:  5%


Topic:  Tyler Shultz and Theranos

Watch the interview video about the Theranos Story.



Learning Outcomes

After watching the video, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the organizational and personal challenges faced by whistleblowers.
  2. Reflect upon Tyler’s decision to blow the whistle, in light of the specific organizational and personal challenges he faced.

 Written Reflection

 Provide a 2 – 3 sentence written reflection for the following questions:

  1. Define “Whistleblowing”
  2. What personal values would you use to decide your course of action if you were in Tyler’s shoes?
  3. Describe why some employees decide to blow the whistle, while other employees choose to stay silent.
  1. Did Tyler follow a Duty ethic or a Consequentialist ethic? Describe why you decided on your answer based on the class teachings on Duty and Consequentialism.
  2. Thinking about Tyler’s boss, Elizabeth, did she follow a Duty ethic or a consequentialist ethic, and why did you decide that?


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