Vincent Hopper & Grace Hopper Biography Discussion

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This list of people highlight some of the important names across design history as it evolves and merges and integrates to become Interaction Design. Most of these people practiced in one primary discipline, but many were cross-discipline and are hard to pin down.

As Interaction Design has evolved and emerged as a separate practice we are beginning to have our own role models, heroes and interesting people to know about.

This list is NOT all-inclusive or exhaustive.There are thousands of designers across the years who remain nameless as well as other very well known designers I have not included as their work either didn’t cross lines of disciplines or they are so well known in their primary field of work that I don’t want you to spend time writing about them. There ARE well know people on this list however, so if someone has had books written about them, takes up more than one page on a google search, please move on to another lesser known voice for your selected biographies.

Use this list or the Women in the Design Disciplines listfor your Biographies – if there are people missing that should be here, please let me know.

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