abortion decision


CASE STUDY A woman struggling over an abortion decision


This case involves Melinda, a 25-year-old Latina who says she wants to have an abortion. She has been married for three years, already has two children, and says:

We had to get married because I was pregnant. We did’nt have money then. The second kid was not planned either. But now we really can’t afford another child. Her husband is a policeman going to law school at night. She works as a housekeeper and plans to return to school once her husband finishes his studies and it is her turn. He should graduate in another year, at which time she is scheduled to enroll in classes at the community college. Having another baby at this time would seriously hamper those arrangements in addition to imposing the previously mentioned financial burden. But the client reports:

Can’t go to call the clinic, and I just can’t seem to talk. I hang up the minute they answer. I just can’t seem to make the appointment for the abortion, let alone have one. I was never much of a Catholic, and I always thought you should be able to get an abortion if you wanted one. What’s wrong with me? And what am I going to do? I don’t exactly have a lot of time.


  • With the information given here, what do you see as the major value issues that need to be explored?
  • How much emphasis would you place on factors such as what is stopping her from making the call? On her ambivalence between wanting to have the abortion and not wanting it?
  • If she asked you for your advice, what do you think you would tell her? If you gave her this advice, what might your advice tell you about yourself?
  • How would your views on abortion influence the interventions you made with Melinda?
  • How would you deal with this situation if you had already established a therapeutic relationship over many months with Melinda?


Please answer all the questions in a well developed essay format – at least 250 wds



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