Alzheimer’s disease

Care Provision and Practice Alzheimer’s disease 



In this assignment the learner is required to investigate the topic, Alzheimer’s disease. This is a condition which may affect clients in middle and older age. The qualities and skills which you bring to the workplace and working in the community will directly impact the physical and mental wellbeing of clients.

1.Discuss thoroughly the caring qualities necessary for working with clients.  (Relate to your work place or your personal knowledge and or experience).

2.With regard to the topic, Alzeimher’s Disease, examine comprehensively the skills involved to ensure total patient/client care.  (Relate to the workplace or your personal knowledge or experience).

3.Make accurate and appropriate suggestions on how to care in the community for relevant client groups.  Draw on your own experience and examples from real work scenarios to illustrate your answer.  Include a correct daily routine for clients who are susceptible to, or have developed Alzheimer’s disease which aids physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing.

4.Give comprehensive evidence of thorough investigation and relevant
research undertaken.

5.Present accurate evaluation and interpretation of the findings and excellent conclusions and recommendations.

6.References and bibliography to be included using the Harvard system of referencing.

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