Intro to Food Safety Regulation Case Study

Intro to Food Safety Regulation Case Study 2

You are a regulatory affairs consultant hired by Organian Farms LLC to draft a regulatory compliance plan.  Organian Farms is a 115 acre farm located in Pike County, Missouri.  In the attachment, you can see an aerial photo used by the USDA with numbered fields and acreages.  The plan is to transition this farm to become a certified organic farm growing corn, soybeans, wheat, triticale, alfalfa, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and raising poultry, pork, and beef livestock.  The farm has an overall triangular shape that contains a well, pond, and stream as sources of water.  The eastern boundary of the farm is MO state highway Y.  The neighbor on the east side of MO state highway Y is a conventional farmer with cattle, corn, and soybeans.  The western boundary is county gravel road number 476 and the northern boundary is a fence separating this property from the neighboring property which is an Amish owned and run family farm.

The plan is to have the livestock grazing mainly on the western fields (labeled 1 and 9) which border county gravel road number 476 and the stream which splits the property (the stream is in the shape of the letter Y and is outlined by trees which confine the stream so that it does not wander) .  The northern field (labeled 3) will contain the fruit orchard, field 10 will contain the vegetables, and fields 14 and 9 will rotate row crops.

Your assignment is to draft a report outlining the regulations governing the on the farm production of bulk packs of processed chicken (halves, quarters, all breasts, all wings, all legs, all livers) and turkey (bags containing halves, quarters, all breasts, all wings, all legs, all livers), as well as, bagged mixed, diced fruit salads and bagged mixed, diced vegetable salads) and intrastate and interstate sales off the farm (i.e., retail supermarkets and restaurants)). In your report, you should compare and contrast regulatory requirements for GMO and Organic processed meat and processed fruit/vegetable products.


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