Applicant Narrative

Applicant Narrative

The narrative section of the application gives each applicant the unique opportunity to present themselves to the selection committee in their own words. Include your educational goals and how you will use the funding. The committee uses the narrative to determine an applicant’s ability to organize their thoughts and present themselves in a clear and concise manner. Please consider that this narrative will have significant weight during the selection process. The narrative should be between 1 and 2 typed, double-spaced pages in length.

Educational Goal:  once graduate with my master’s I would love to work in human resources, health insurance, or a position involving advocacy.

started my MBA in health care management and receiving a scholarship, would be able to cover much of the tuition costs associated with the degree program, reducing the program’s total cost. The most obvious financial benefit of a scholarship is the ease of financial burden that it can provide to me. By covering a large portion of the tuition costs associated with the program, the scholarship would reduce the amount of money I would have to pay out of pocket and would also help me to reach my educational dreams of assisting people in need. I could focus more on my studies, potentially leading to better academic performance and a higher chance of success in the program. This could help me to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become more equipped to help those in need.


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